A market waiting to be discovered, a land of boundless surprises, a culture rich in history.

We travelled to some of the most interesting places in China to show you a journey of discovery - a four-episode documentary about the Arabian horse in China. 

In collaboration with Valley Oak Arabians, Hennessy Arabian LLC, Mulawa Arabian Stud and with the patronage of Aljassimya Farm, we are proud to present an original Arabian Insider Documentary.


A project by: Mulawa Arabian StudValley Oak ArabiansHennessey Arabians 
With the patronage of Aljassimya Farm

Created and directed by Arabian Insider


Episode 1: HONG KONG

We begin from the Pearl River Delta, visiting Hong Kong and the surrounding area of Guangzhou. One of the most densely populated areas of the planet, it is also home to a vibrant equestrian community. Join us as we learn more about the current state of the equine industry in China with unique interviews and a trip to one of the most prestigious equine facilities in the world - the Hong Kong Jockey Club. 
We also look ahead to our trips to Shanghai and Beijing looking for Arabian horses.

Episode 2: SHANGHAI

The second episode comes from the economic hub of China: Shanghai. A vibrant city, it is also home to a multitude of equestrian clubs. Join us as we visit one of the best clubs and spend time with some local Arabian horses. 
We also look ahead to our trips to Beijing, the center of Arabian horses in China.

Episode 3: BEIJING - Part 1

The third episode takes to the heart of political power in China, the capital Beijing. The most populous capital in the world, it is also the heart of the Arabian horse in China. Join us as we visit the place with Dr. Wang - the Secretary General of Chinese Stud Book Committee -, along with other interesting interviews. 
Please join us as we go on learning about the Arabian Horse in China.

Episode 4: BEIJING - Part 2

The fourth and final episode takes to one of the greatest architectural marvels in the world, the Great Wall of China. Join us as we visit Mr. Wen Chu of Yihe's Arabian Farm, not far from the Great Wall, as well as the Sherwood Equine Clinic and meet Yushi Peng, equine veterinarian in the Beijing area.