Parc des Expositions
Paris Nord Villepinte
95970, Roissy En France

Organizer Mrs. Christianne Chazel

The Arabian Horse World Championship is undoubtedly the world’s leading event for the most beautiful purebred horses. Every year, this elegant competition provides a showcase for more than one hundred horses representing 20 countries. A unique opportunity to discover a prestigious galaxy of superstars from the four corners of the planet. The winner of the World Champion trophy (recognised by ECAHO - European Conference of Arab Horses Organizations) will be awarded the title of the "world’s most beautiful Arabian horse”.



Here we are at the Paris Arabian Horse World Championship 2019 - the most important event in the Arabian Horse calendar!
The first day included all the Female Classes and showcased an impressive quality as usual!
The excitement is Here and we can definitely Feel it!


An exciting day at the World Championship in Paris! We had the chance to see an impressive quality within the Male Classes both in the Yearling and in the Junior & Senior Stallions.
In addition, after the show we presented our new project HORSE WORLD ACADEMY under the patronage of Akmal Stud...


On the last day of the show the Female & Males World titles have been awarded to some of the most beautiful horses around. In addition, the World Platinum Champion Stallion title was given to the legend Hariry Al Shaqab who impressed the whole arena with Michael Byatt and Sheikh Hamad bin Ali al Thani.
The Paris show always provides the Arabian horse lovers with the best quality in terms of horses, organization and atmosphere!


Gold D SHAMKHAH (Dubai Stud)
Silver MONA LISA ALJASSIMYA (Aljassimya Farm)
Bronze ADWAA AL ARAB (Al Arab Stud)
Gold RHAN AL SHAHANIA (Al Shahania Stud)
Silver D SHEIMAZ (Dubai Stud)
Bronze D MEZYAN (Dubai Stud)
Gold ALGAMRA (Al Sheikh Stud)
Silver ERALDA (Al Shira'aa Arabians)
Bronze D SHIHANAH (Dubai Stud)
Gold EKS FARAJJ (Al Khashab Stud)
Silver HL EL GANADOR (Hanaya Stud)
Bronze D IBN RASHEEM (Iosif Mertyris)
Gold BAVIERA HVP (Abhaa Arabians)
Silver NOFT AL NAYFAT (Naf Stud)
Bronze MAISA AL NASSER (Al Nasser Stud)
Gold SUNDOWN K.A. (Al Saqran Stud)
Silver SHANGHAI EA (Ajman Stud)
Bronze ADHAM SAQR (El Farida Stud)


MONA LISA ALJASSIMYA - Yearling Fillies Class Winner

Have a look at the great performance of Mona Lisa Aljassimya in the Yearling Fillies alongside Giacomo Capacci.
Proudly owned by Aljassimya Farm.

HDM BELLA CIAO - Yearling Fillies Class

Don't miss the beautiful HDM BELLA CIAO in the Yearling Fillies alongside Frank Spönle.
Proudly owned by Ajman Stud.

FAM DONATELLA - Yearling Fillies Class

The little Diamond that impressed the whole amazing stand-up to be stared at...
Proudly owned by Al Jawaher Stud.

MY VISION AA - Yearling Fillies Class

Enjoy MY VISION AA - the Last Gift of The Vision HG - competing in the Yearling Fillies with Raphael Curti!
Proudly owned by Al Baydaa Stud.

ALGAMRA - Junior Fillies Class Winner

Amazing performance for Algamra and Raphael Curti in the Junior Fillies!
Proudly owned by Al Sheikh Stud.

ERALDA - Junior Fillies Class Winner

Don't miss ERALDA in the Junior Fillies alongside David Pujalt.
Proudly owned by Al Shira'aa Arabians.

WILDONA - Senior Mares Class

An impressive performance in the class crowned by the 2nd Highest Score of the Female classes alongside Raphael Curti.
Proudly owned by Al Sheikh Stud.

BAVIERA HVP - Senior Mares Class Winner

A Brazilian-bred mare winning her Paris class alongside Paolo Capecci. Enjoy them!
Proudly owned by Abhaa Arabians.

NOFT AL NAYFAT - Senior Mares Class Winner

The enchanting beauty of Noft Al Nayfat impressed the whole arena and earned her the 1st Place in her Class alongside Cristian Franceschina.
Proudly owned by Naf Stud.

FM GLORIAA - Senior Mares Class

Get ready to enjoy timeless FM GLORIAA in the Senior Mares alongside Raphael Curti!
Proudly representing Al Sheikh Stud.

MONA LISA ALJASSIMYA - Silver Champion Yearling Filly

This gorgeous chestnut filly by the 2018 World Champion stallion Equator and out of Minwah was simply amazing in the show ring with Giacomo Capacci. She is the World Silver Champion Yearling Filly, proudly representing Aljassimya Farm.
Congratulations to all involved!

RHAN AL SHAHANIA - Gold Champion Yearling Colt

After conquering the US, Rhan Al Shahania came to Europe and showed everyone his incredible beauty...masterfully presented by Michael Byatt.
A World Gold Medal very well-deserved, proudly representing Al Shahania Stud.
Congratulations to all involved!

ERALDA - Silver Champion Junior Filly

She concludes her Junior career with a World Silver title alongside David Pujalt. Something to be very proud of!
Proudly owned by Al Shira'aa Arabians.

EKS FARAJJ - Gold Champion Junior Colt

From South Africa, to Kuwait, to Europe...he's been conquering everyone's heart.
He is EKS FARAJJ, the World Gold Champion Junior Colt that won yet another medal in this incredible year for him. Enjoy his stunning performance with Glenn Schoukens.
Proudly owned by Al Khashab Stud.

BAVIERA HVP - Gold Champion Senior Mare

We proudly present you the Brazilian Beauty that won the World Champion title in Paris last week. BAVIERA HVP by Marwan Al Shaqab out of HB Bessolea mesmerized the whole arena with an impressive performance alongside Paolo Capecci and an amazing team supporting her!
Leased by Abhaa Arabians and owned by Aria Prestige Partners, LLC.

NOFT AL NAYFAT - Silver Champion Senior Mare

The Menton Gold Champion Senior Mare conquered the show ring once again, winning the World Silver Champion title in Paris alongside Cristian Franchescina.
A great achievement for the proud owner Naf Stud.
Congratulations to all involved!

MAISA AL NASSER - Bronze Champion Senior Mare

After collecting a great number of titles in Europe this year, Maisa Al Nasser conquered the World Bronze Champion Senior Mare title on the lead of Glenn Schoukens among a very tough competition.
Congratulations to the proud owner Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser al Thani, Al Nasser Stud and all involved!

SHANGHAI EA - Silver Champion Senior Stallion

A one-of-a-kind Stallion both as a Show horse and as a Sire.
He simply mesmerised everyone with his stunning beauty alongside Frank Spoenle. His looks and attitude speak for himself.
Proudly owned by Ajman Stud.

HARIRY AL SHAQAB - Platinum Champion Stallion

The Legend making his long-awaited return to the show ring to get what he deserves! HARIRY AL SHAQAB presented by Michael Byatt and Sheikh Hamad bin Ali al Thani.
Proudly owned by Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation.

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