Albert-Servais-Allee 50
52070, Aachen, Germany

The All Nations Cup is one of the main events in the worldwide Arabian Show Calendar. It is the first leg of the European Triple Crown, including the All Nations Cup, the European Championship and the World Championship in Paris. This is a show not to be missed, with the most beautiful Arabian horses and many studs from around the world. 



The first day in Aachen started with the German Nationals. In this first episode you'll be shown the versatility of this beautiful breed as we share with you the story of R’adjah de Cartherey competing in the Dressage with Fredericke Kopp and a little preview of Al Shahania Stud getting ready for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Also, the story of a brand-new training center will be revelead!

Day 2

On the 2nd day of the All Nations Cup we enjoyed top-quality Yearling & Junior Fillies and Colts classes. In addition, have a look at some memories from the Aachen past editions through the words of the people involved...and some very interesting news from outside the show!

Day 3

The Championship day included the Six Championships that showed us top-class horses and amazing performances.
While enjoying this episode, you will find out the Gold, Silver and Bronze champions for every category with the best moments of their show and comments on their performances.


Yearling Fillies Championship
Gold HDM BELLA CIAO (Ajman Stud)
Silver FAM DONATELLA (Al Jawaher Stud)
Bronze ADWAA AL ARAB (Al Arab Stud)
Junior Fillies Championship
Gold ALGAMRA (Al Sheikh Stud)
Silver LR ERA DE EXCALIBUR (Al Sayed Stud)
Bronze A VISION MI (Albidayer Stud)
Senior Mares Championship
Gold MAISA AL NASSER (Al Nasser Stud)
Silver ALSA (Ajman Stud)
Bronze WILDONA (Al Sheikh Stud)
Yearling Colts Championship
Gold DOSAR ALSAYED (Al Sayed Stud)
Silver ELR FERDINAND (Al Faisaly Stud)
Bronze JASSID K.A. (Knocke Arabians)
Junior Colts Championship
Gold EKS FARAJJ (Elkasun Arabians)
Silver HL EL GANADOR (Hanaya Stud)
Bronze D IBN RASHEEM (JM Arabians)
Senior Stallions Championship
Gold SHANGHAI EA (Ajman Stud)
Silver SHADI AL KHALEDIAH (Reza Allahdadi)
Bronze ATIUS O (Jas Stud)


HDM BELLA CIAO - Yearling Fillies Class Winner

A beautiful little girl rocking the All Nations Cup's arena on the lead of Frank Spoenle! Proudly owned by Ajman Stud.

FAM DONATELLA - Yearling FIllies Class Winner

FAM Donatella mesmerised the whole All Nations Cup arena with her incredible beauty and won her Yearling Fillies class with the highest score in her category. 
Proudly owned by Al Jawaher Stud and beautifully presented by Paolo Capecci.

ALGAMRA - 2 yo Fillies Class Winner

Here we are with a great 2 year old filly winning her class with a spectacular performance alongside Raphael Curti.
Proudly owned by Al Sheikh Stud.

WILDONA - Mares 4-6 Class Winner

Don't miss the beautiful Wildona alongside Raphael Curti winning her Aachen class. Proudly owned by Al Sheikh Stud.

ALSA - Mares 4-6 Class Winner

A great performance of ALSA perfectly presented by Frank Spoenle that earned her the 1st Place in her class and the highest score in her category.
Proudly owned by Ajman Stud.

ELR FERDINAND - 2nd Place Yearling Colts Class

Enjoy the beautiful performance of ELR Ferdinand alongside Tom Oben in the Yearling Colts classes.
Proudly owned by Al Faisaly Stud.

HL EL GANADOR - 3 yo Colts Class Winner

Enjoy the performance of HL EL GANADOR as he wins his 3 year old Colts class with the highest score of the show alongside Frank Spoenle.
Proudly owned by Hanaya Stud.

SHANGHAI EA - Stallions 11+ yo Class Winner

Shanghai EA mesmerised the whole All Nations Cup arena with his presence and came out first in his class with the stunning score of 93.21 (4x20s in Type and Head). Proudly owned by Ajman Stud and perfectly presented by Frank Sponle.

FAM DONATELLA - Silver Champion Yearling Filly

She stole everyone's heart at first sight...she conquered the whole Middle East with her elegant and refined beauty. Now she came to Europe and mesmerized the All Nations Cup arena! Alongside Paolo Capecci, she achieved the Silver Champion Yearling Filly medal, proudly representing Al Jawaher Stud.

ELR FERDINAND - Silver Champion Yearling Colt

After a very nice performance in his class, this beautiful colt owned by Al Faisaly Stud conquered the Silver Champion Yearling Colt medal alongside his breeder Tom Oben. A great success for the proud owner Al Faisaly Stud and all the team involved!

HL EL GANADOR - Silver Champion Junior Colt

The Chilean-bred HL EL GANADOR, proudly owned by Hanaya Stud, wowed the whole public once again in Aachen alongside Frank Spönle with a great performance that earned him the All Nations Cup Silver Champion Junior Colt title.


The All Nations Cup 2019 has been a very successful show for Ajman Stud. Enjoy with us their beautiful successes alongside Frank Spönle who perfectly presented these beautiful diamonds.


Celebrate the great success of Al Sheikh Stud at the All Nations Cup 2019 in Aachen with the Privilege SFQ team and RAPHAEL CURTI who perfectly presented these beautiful horses.

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