Albert-Servais-Allee 50
52070, Aachen, Germany

Organizer Mr. Wolfgang Eberhardt (VZAP)

The All Nations Cup is one of the main events in the worldwide Arabian Show Calendar. It is the first leg of the European Triple Crown, made of the All Nations Cup, the European Championship and the World Championship in Paris. This is a show not to be missed, with the most beautiful Arabian horses and many studs from around the world.



One of the most awaited shows of the year! Enjoy our promo and discover everything about the event in the following episodes!

Episode 1

The first day in Aachen started with the All Nations Cup Futurity and First classes.

Episode 2

The second day in Aachen 2018 was amazing. We had the German Nationals, exciting All Nations Cup classes and many other special contents. Have a look at our episode!

Episode 3

The 3rd day in Aachen was a blast and included the All Nations Cup Senior Classes and many other interesting side events. 
Have a look at our episode n.3 to discover what happened and enjoy our special contents!

Episode 4

4 days full of emotions, events and beautiful horses. Discover the European Breeders Select Sale, the Futurity Championship, the presentation of El Rey Magnum and of course the All Nations Cup championship presented by Jeffrey Wintersteen and Rory O'Neil for Arabian Insider!


Enjoy with us the most beautiful moments of the 2018 All Nations Cup in Aachen!


The 2018 Auction in Aachen was an amazing event where many beautiful horses were shown. But it wasn't all about horses: a real show took place, full of surprises and special guests, a night not to be missed.


Gold AJ SAMARA (Ajman Stud)
Silver SS LA BELLA (Al Saqran Stud)
Bronze D SHIHANAH (Dubai Arabian Horse Stud)
Gold ADMIRAAL (Ajman Stud)
Silver MAHER AL SAYED (Al Sayed Stud)
Bronze D BAREQ (Dubai Arabian Horse Stud)
Gold VENICE MI (Al Muawd Stud)
Silver RSHEDIAH AL KHASHAB (Al Khashab Stud)
Bronze SERANZA (Al Sheikh Stud)
Gold AJ KAFU (Ajman Stud)
Silver D SERAJ (Dubai Arabian Horse Stud)
Bronze D SHALLAL (Dubai Arabian Horse Stud)
Gold RIHAB AL NASSER (Al Nasser Stud)
Silver PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Michalow Stud)
Bronze GALERIDA (Michalow Stud)


BASMA DEL PALAZZOTTO - Top 5 Yearling Fillies: Arabian Futurity Europe

Enjoy the very nice performance of this little girl at the Arabian Futurity Europe 2018 in Aachen on the lead of Mr. Paolo Capecci.

TURKI ALBAYDAA - 1st Place Colt Foals: Arabian Futurity Europe

Enjoy his beautiful performance ending up 1st in the Colt Foals with Raphael Curti representing Albaydaa Stud.

AJ SAMARA - 1st Place Yearling Fillies Class

First Place in the Yearling Fillies for AJ Samara with Frank Spoenle. Proudly representing Ajman Stud.

MAHER AL SAYED - 3rd Place Yearling Colts Class 2(B)

Enjoy the pearl of Al Sayed Stud rocking the All Nations Cup 2018 arena on the lead of Arthur Nascimento.

SERANZA TRIBUTE - 1st Place 2 yo Junior Fillies Class

Representing Al Sheikh Stud, this amazing Junior Filly achieved the 1st place in her class with Raphael Curti.

D KAHEEL - 1st Place 2 yo Colts Class

Congratulations D Kaheel, representing Abhaa Arabians, on achieving the 1st Place in the 2 Years Old Colts Class at the All Nations Cup 2018 on the lead of Paolo Capecci.

AJ KAFU - 2nd Place 3 yo Junior Colts Class

The Dubai and Menton Gold Champion 2018 performing in the class in Aachen with Frank Spoenle! Proudly representing Ajman Stud.

PUSTYNIA KAHILA - 2nd Place 4-6 yo Mares Class B

✨PUSTYNIA KAHILA✨ - 2nd Place 4-6 yo Mares Class B
(Kahil Al Shaqab x Pustynna Malwa) - Michalow Stud

She flew into the ring of Aachen 2018, beautifully presented by Raphael Curti!

AJ SAMARA - Gold Champion Yearling Filly

* AJ SAMARA * - Gold Champion Yearling Filly
(AJ Mardan x Sama AM)

Gold Champion at the All Nations Cup 2018 with Frank Spoenle!

Proudly Representing Ajman Stud.

MAHER AL SAYED - Silver Champion Yearling Colt

* MAHER AL SAYED * - Silver Champion Yearling Colt
(Alexxanderr x Mera Al Sayed) - Al Sayed Stud 

Continuing his winning streak, Maher Al Sayed Silver Champion Yearling Colt at the All Nations Cup 2018.

Congratulations to Al Sayed Stud and all the team involved.

ADMIRAAL - Gold Champion Yearling Colt

ADMIRAAL - Gold Champion Yearling Colt
(Emerald J x Haniyyah by Psytadel) - Ajman Stud

- An explosion of Energy and Beauty -

Gold Champion at the All Nations Cup 2018 with Rod Jones!

Proudly Representing Ajman Stud.

SERANZA - Bronze Champion Junior Filly

* SERANZA * - Bronze Champion Junior Filly
(Kanz Albidayer x Evening Serenade) - Al Sheikh Stud

The PRIDE of Al Sheikh Stud came back to Aachen with Raphael Curti to succeed again, ending up with a beautiful Bronze Medal.
Congratulations to Al Sheikh Stud on its achievement!

AJ KAFU - Gold Champion Junior Colt

* AJ KAFU * - Gold Champion Junior Colt
(Shanghai EA x AJ Kahayla) - Ajman Stud

Gold Champion at the All Nations Cup 2018 with Frank Spoenle!

Proudly Representing Ajman Stud.

GALERIDA & PUSTYNIA KAHILA - Silver & Bronze Champions Senior Mares

A beautiful Mare Championship during the All Nations Cup 2018, where Michalow Stud achieved two great Medals:

- PUSTYNIA KAHILA: Silver Medal Champion Mare 2018, on the lead of Raphael Curti;
- GALERIDA: Bronze Medal Champion Mare 2018, on the lead of Philippe Looyens.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

EQUATOR - Silver Champion Senior Stallion

* EQUATOR * - Silver Champion Senior Stallion
(QR Marc x Ekliptyka) - Michalow Stud

The Champion of Privilege's Heart!


EL REY MAGNUM - Presentation

* EL REY MAGNUM * - Aachen Presentation 2018 
(Basilio CS × Cirque du Soleil BF)

Orrion Farms & Al Saqran Stud proudly introduce you to the world's most talked-about colt, El Rey Magnum. With his unparalleled beauty and magnificent Arabian type, it is clear he will forge a top spot for himself in the breed.


Enjoy the Hall of Fame of Ajman Stud achieving great results at the All Nations Cup 2018 with AJ SAMARA - AJ KAFU and ADMIRAAL.


It's a job, it's a lifestyle, it's a passion...It's a fire that burns to go beyond the limits, it's a Unanimous Dream, It's a Team Work.


Enjoy SERANZA and MB VIVYANNA in the arena of the All Nations Cup, proudly bred by Michael Byatt Arabians. Just...Your reference point!

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