As of today, Arabian Insider’s current services include:


  • TV SHOWS: Full-service show coverage providing news, highlights, results, interviews and special content in order to engage the audience and promote the show in the best way.


  • HORSE TRIBUTES: Customised promotional videos shot with top-quality equipment and knowledgeable videographers whose editing techniques highlight the best aspects of the horse, both at the farm and at the shows.


  • DOCUMENTARIES/LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENTS: Discovering more about the Arabian horse world and incredible real-life stories.


  • COMMERCIALS/PROMO: Engaging videos to promote events, horses, products, etc.


  • EVENTS COVERAGE: Open days, presentations, auctions, etc.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT & PROMOTION: Suitable for those who want to keep their Social Media pages always updated with new and interesting content and followed by a team of professionals.


  • GRAPHIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS: Logo creation & animation and brand concept development.